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Basic/Kitchen Wall Clocks

The wall clocks in this collection are simple and basic-looking, usually made of metal, plastic or glass or a combination of all these materials. These wall clocks are versatile and can be used in any room. Because of the minimalist design of these wall clocks, they will match with whatever interior design you already have in your home, making them the safest choice for people who are unsure about which style they want to go for.

This wall clock style is commonly used as kitchen clocks because of it's complete features/parts: minute and hour hands, seconds hand, and aside from the numbered hours, it also got minute marks, which helps accurately monitor cook-time.

Our beautiful range of basic/kitchen clocks not only serve it's purpose but they also look great. Sometimes, less is actually more. Most of our kitchen wall clocks also got a modern, fancy, and funky touch and available in different colours: red, white, black, gold, blue, and more. Use our cool filters to help you find your perfect wall clock.

Clocks in this collection may look simple, but you can never go wrong with this wall clock style.