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Large Wall Clocks

Our oversized wall clocks range from 46-150 cm in diameter (round) or height (rectangular). Large wall clocks add sophistication, elegance, modern/contemporary look and feel to any room. Clocks in this range are usually made of wood, metal or glass or combination of these materials.

The most popular big wall clock style is the grandfather wall clock. It is usually rectangular in shape with pendulum swinging endlessly and chiming sound when 12 o'clock hits. A Grandfather wall clock is timeless that even at this modern age, it's still one of the best home decor choice. Just the mere presence of a giant clock instantly gives any room a feel of elegance.

Large metal wall clocks are starting to become popular in Australia. This is particularly useful to fill in a big empty blank space in the dining room or living room. Modern/Contemporary style is what usually people try to achieve when choosing this kind of wall clock.

Browse into our beautiful range of large wall clocks and you will surely find something that will fit in to any boring space. Keep in mind that all our wall clocks come with up to 24 months warranty, see product description for details and we ship all our products, BIG or small, for FREE Australia-wide.