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Buyer's Guide

A wall clock is the perfect addition to your home's décor. It adds new color and style to your home while providing functional benefits as well. But with hundreds of different types of wall clocks, how do you know which one to choose? If you're interested in buying a wall clock, here are six important things to consider.

1) Analog or Digital

One of the first things to consider when choosing a wall clock is whether it's analog or digital. Analog clocks feature hands – usually an hour hand a minute hand – that spin around the dial to reflect the current time. Digital clocks, on the other hand, feature a digital numerical display.

2) Mechanical or Battery Powered

Wall clocks are either mechanical or battery powered. The former requires manual winding every so often to keep the clock working, whereas the latter is powered by a battery. Some homeowners prefer battery-powered wall clocks simply because they are easier to maintain. However, they also cost more than their mechanical counterpart to operate simply because you'll have to spend money on additional batteries.

3) Size

What size wall clock do you want for your home? If it's too small, you may struggle to read the time, especially if it's placed far away from a seating area. If it's too big, however, it will look disproportionate compared to other decorative accessories in your home. Think about where you'll use the wall clock and choose an appropriate size that corresponds with the surrounding décor.

4) Colors

Of course, you should consider the color (or colors) when choosing a wall clock as well. One of the most common colors in which wall clocks are made is brown or shades thereof. If you plan on using it in a room that's decorated with black furnishings and accessories, however, it will clash with the décor. When choosing a wall clock, stick with a color that flows cohesively with the room's décor.

5) Shape

Many homeowners overlook shape when choosing a wall clock. While the shape of a clock may seem subtle, it plays an important role in its appearance. Modern wall clocks, for instance, often feature a circular shape, whereas older and more traditional wall clocks feature a rectangular shape.

6) Price

Finally, consider the price when choosing a wall clock. Some of the cheaper clocks cost just $20 to $50, while others cost several hundred dollars. Opting for a cheap clock may sound like a good idea, but as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” holds true for wall clocks. A premium, more expensive wall clock will last longer, look better and offer a higher level of utility than a cheaper clock.


Choosing the Right Style

Our huge range of wall clocks are composed of many different styles, shapes, colours, and sizes that would surely fit in any room in your home and/or office. We know how hard it is to find that perfect wall clock online -- our product filters are there to help you sort and find the right one, but in case you are still lost, here are some tips:

Basic wall clocks are perfect for your kitchen or study room. These wall clocks are simple but have complete features/parts: second, hour, and minute hands, usually numbered and have minute marks.

If you are trying to achieve a sophisticated look or would like to add some class in your room, Elegant, Classic and Large/Oversized will be your wall clock categories. Wall clocks in these categories are usually made of high-quality metal, glass and wood, plated with rose copper, gold, and silver casing; commonly in white or black face. You will be surprised how a beautifully crafted wall clock can make a big difference to a simple, plain room. 

For people who are after a trendy look, Modern/Contemporary and Digital will be your best bet. You can never go wrong with these styles. These are perfect for your modern designed home and will always compliment any type of room. The wall clocks in these collections are funky, and creatively designed. Browse and try one from our collections and you will never regret it, you may even end up  getting one for each room in your house.

If you are shopping for a playful, fun and quirky wall clock for your kids room, we have the best range of Kid's wall clocks online. We have luminous, or most popularly called as glow-in-the-dark wall clocks; motion clocks, which has an optical illusion effect of a moving background; rainbow-faced clocks; clocks with minute guides for kids learning how to read time; and more. Adults will wish they had one when they were young... but hey, it's never too late!  

For people who dwell too much in choosing the right colour, our simple tip is if you are not ready to be bold, go for safe colours like black, white, gold, copper, and silver/chrome. These colours combined with each other will always look great on any wall colour and type of furniture. We have a huge variety of these colours here in our store, go explore our filters and find the most suitable wall clock for your home.


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